Ocean Waste Recycle Pellets

In addition to specializing in the production of PCR regenerated pellets, Global Green Materials will also launch recycled pellets from marine waste Styrofoam and PE fishing nets in 2022. According to the customer's needs for marine waste products, customized material development is carried out


We have adopted the only chemical method patented recycling technology in Taiwan to deal with those marine waste Styrofoam boxes which can effectively dispose of dirty marine waste styrofoam boxes, and can remove more than 95% of impurities, so that the marine waste PS regenerated pellets can be more efficient Widely used in different products. Regarding our marine waste PE fishing nests, we have processed our sorting, cleaning, crushing and other internal process as mechanical recycling. Our recycled pellets can be used in blowing and extruding products.  

Our recycled ocean plastic pellets are all in application for Taiwan EPA to have marine wasted certification mark, From now on, we are the first recycled plastic manufacturer in Taiwan to apply them. Customers who are interested in marine waste recycled resin are welcome to contact us and let us know. Marine waste products are not only an issue, but an effective and long-term detoxification operation