Verify the product spec and specification requirement, and also to confirm whether color matching and other special requirements are required.。

2.Spec Verification:

According to customer specification reequipment, provide the most suitable product for customer to test and confirm our sample spec.。


After having customers spec confirmation, the quotation will be offered according to the  it is determined that the product meets the demand, the product quotation will be provided according to the trade term.。

4.Order confirmation:

When customers accept our offer, we will generate our sales contract for both party to sing as order confirmation.。


Arrange the schedule according to the estimated delivery time, and produce according to the international standard process。

6.Quality Inspection:

Each batch of products will be inspected by a professional QC team to ensure that the quality and product spec could meet customer needs.。

7.Cargo packing and shipping:

After the OQC, the batch number is coded for each batch of products and samples are reserved, and they are packaged according to customer needs.。

8.After-sales tracking:

After shipment, sales person will actively track the customer feedback during production.。