Green material application consultant

With the rise of environmental awareness, circular economy has become one of the hot topics in today's enterprises, according to Allen . The Ellen MacArthur Foundation proposes three circular economy principles: (1) Design non-toxic products that can be easily disassembled and reconstituted; (2) Extend the useful life of products and materials as much as possible; (3) Use renewable resources.

In order to truly implement the circular economy and reduce the load on the environment of products in the life cycle, when developing products, enterprises need to consider waste reduction, use recycled materials and environmentally friendly materials, and introduce the design concept of easy disassembly and recycling, so that resources can be recycled. Sustainable utilization has become a sustainable business model of circular economy.

In addition to being a professional granulation factory, Global Green Materials has been operating in the upstream and downstream of the industry for a long time. It not only masters the supply of various recycled materials, but also cooperates with many plastic processing factories to provide recycled plastic materials. Customers in need, from the selection, supply, research and development of suitable materials, and even the processing of finished products after granulation can be arranged.

If your company has a demand for introducing green materials (Eco-friendly materials) into products, but you do not know how to proceed, please contact us.

We have served many large-scale brand customers, and we will announce cooperation cases one by one when the future cooperation matures; we have rich experience in importing green materials,

And with the support of green designers and green plastic processing factories, we can provide you with one-stop green material application services,

We invite you to create an innovative green market together.